Thursday, April 30, 2009


Here's my rendition of an altered bottle. I call her LUCKY NUMBER 3!

Now this doll's head is a rubber doll head that I painted and then painted with a shiny glaze. I really think it looks like a porcelain doll head. I can't draw eyes very well so I decided to change it up with some typewriter keys. That's why I like altered art because you can substitute something to be representative of another.

Obviously, this is my bottle and "my look". I know our little princess (you know who you are :} would say "oooow it looks weird!" All art is subjective. ha ha Your bottle can be whatever you desire. It can be a bottle for bath salts, a candle holder, a soap dispenser or like mine, something to look at.

So start thinking, can't wait to see what we all come up with at Art Meetup in May.


  1. ohhhh I just love lucky;)
    cant wait to get my hands on that bottle and prescriotion(sounds like a true addict!)
    fun will be had by many

  2. Funny little Lucky!
    Hmm, maybe I'll stick a doll foot in mine?? ;)

  3. princess says I love it!! your creepy dolly is awesome!