Monday, May 25, 2009

Introducing.......Sally's Bottle Doll..Ms. Regal Lady

Sally worked on her bottle doll at my Art Meetup Makeup session. ha ha She decided to take her home unfinished and promised to complete her and send pics.

Well you can see she did her homework and finished her little Regal Lady. Sally says with her MORE IS BETTER and I have to agree MORE Works. She looks GrEaT!!

Thanks Sally for sharing.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The HUNT is on for Christmas Empherma!!!

I announced at our May Art Meetup that we will be having Christmas in July at the July Art Meetup (Tuesday, July 14th) and will begin to put together our Vintage Christmas Paperbag Book.

To pull this off and make a FABULOUS book I'm asking that everyone be on the lookout for vintage christmas embellishments, recipes, postcards, greeting cards, vintage wrapping paper, candy molds, bells, old holiday issues of magazines, holiday napkins, coasters, don't discount old boxes that housed christmas toys, ornaments, etc. Lots of us probably have some of these things at home. Ask your friends, parents. In July we'll come together and share all our empherma and start to get the feel for our books.

We'll fold and bind our book and start our design process. Then we'll take it home and work on it for a month or so when we have time. At the September art meetup we'll finish up our books.

This book can be a great present for someone or yourself. It could be a photo album for vintage christmas pictures, a journal or even a recipe book.

Here are some pictures of the Bag book that is our inspiration. Click on the pictures to get a good view of the pages.

I am leaving a month between starting and finishing the book to give us time to reflect on the book a little more and maybe even gather more items after we get our focus. But, I'm open to a change in schedule depending on what everyone wants...just let me know. There are no lesson plans here :}

Art Meetup Makeup

Sally came over today for "Art Meetup Makeup". It was fun just talking and analzying her bottle.

She brought "show and tell". Her great find of old tins. You can see them on her blog. She ordered German doll heads from Retro Cafe Art which she will use along with her tins to make some cute little altered dolls. Can't wait to see the finished dollies.

These pictures are of Sally's bottle doll. She choose to use a rubber doll head and take the scissors to the dolls hair. hee hee Painting and adhering to the bottle. She promises we'll see a finished product.

I got enthused again to do another bottle doll so I'm taking this doll head and I'll hopefully show you the finished dollie. Yeooooowwwww!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Let's Play Paper Dolls!

As a little girl I had little paper dolls to play with. I remember magnetic little girls with clothing. The paper dolls where you cut them out and they had that little "hinge" to bend over the edge of the body to keep them on the dollies. It was always fun even though sometimes the scissors eventually got me into trouble :{

Next Art Meetup, Tuesday, June 9th we'll be making paper dolls. Check these dollies out. Bet got these dollies in a paper doll swap. Hers are the black and white twin witch types (a pair)in the second picture and the little flower dollie (in the third picture), she is hinged and folds in the middle.

This should get your creative juices flowing. We'll start with a plain piece of chipboard and collage, paint, whatever your heart desires. If you want to personalize your paper doll, bring pictures of yourself or family.

Have a fun dolly day!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bottles UP!

It was art meetup day at my house on Tuesday, May 12th. The ladies came and boy did we work. Here's all the bottle girls. Maryam had left already for the group pic but there is a picture of hers here too!

The mission take a brown medicine bottle and an old prescription label and make something! AND make something the did!!!

First of all it was Bet's birthday THAT VERY DAY and I was happy she chose to come to art meetup as part of her birthday celebrating. Later in the day she took off to Disneyland. So we'll all have to check out her blog to see what else she did to celebrate.

I couldn't resist making a little birthday hat for Bet and some ATC cards. It's hard to see but the cup has a cupcake wrapper that says "Happy Birthday Bet". I cut this on my Cricut Expressions, I'm praticing. I was too lazy to bake cupcakes so I put it on a cup filled with candy. Anyway, I think Bet took great pics with her birthday hat on, don't you?

Here's is Mel's Willow, yes she has already named her. Shouldn't all dollies have names? Mel thought "outside the bottle" and took a dollie and redressed and altered her and put her on the bottle. I think she came out so cute!

This is Elena's doll. It's hard to tell from the picture but the little girl on the left lost her feet in the name of "art". Elena wanted to use a smaller's a "princess thing" :} and she cut the feet off of little pink dollie and put on her bottle. Later she fixed the problem of getting the little doll to stand, she glued it on a ruler. Sooo cute!

Below is Bet's doll. She chose an old ceramic doll...hammered, deconstructed and reconstructed into this little cutie.

This is Kathleen's dollie. It always amazes me what people pick and how it turns out. Now I have a bunch of plastic doll heads, doesn't everyone? Kathleen picked this little old lady looking head and I had my doubts but she turned out amazing. The first picture below is how she looked leaving art meetup. The following two were pics Kathleen sent me after going home and finishing her up. She looks so FANTASTIC!!!

I wish I had a better picture of Maryam's bottle, anyone? She chose to not add doll head but made a beautiful tulle wrapped, winged beauty. Hopefully someone will have a better picture and send it to me so you can get the full impact of it's beauty.

A few pics of us having fun.................

And.....can you believe it? It was Bet's birthday and she brought ME a present. A beautiful porcelain doll. Oh my gosh, the dress is so lush. She saw it at the swap meet and thought of me....she was right on the money for sure. It has a price tag on the foot of $825!!! Wow Bet that was so thoughtful tee hee Now I have to research this girl and figure out where she came from a it. Thanks so much Bet, she will have a place of honor in my studio ALWAYS :}

Who would have thunk it........bottles aren't just for drinking. Have a wonderful, creativity day!!!!