Thursday, September 10, 2009

Art Meetup for September

Well there is just so much going on around San Diego that this will be our last meetup until February 2010 whew...seems like a long way off but if how the last few months have whizzed by is any indication.....we'll be back and creating soon.

Here are a few pics of what my creative friends did.

Merry Christmas :}

Thursday, August 13, 2009

What We Did at the August Meetup

We came together and wow'ed ourselves with our shrine creations. Everyone is so creative and comes up with something so fun.

My friend, June wasn't sure she would be able to make a box but came up with the idea of a "Money Box" kinda like a wish box to bring wealth and happiness into your life. She did a great job.

No one should be afraid to explore altering because each of us have a view of what we consider art and we can all be creative..............none of us should be afraid to create.

Bet brought her "Demented Cat". She was inspired by another piece of art she found on the net and darn if she didn't make her own little Demented toy.....darling.....I think Michael DeMeng would be proud :}

She proceeded to make her little Christmas shrine and put a music box turn key player in it.....soooo great.

Wish I could take better pics but you get the idea.........go forth and CREATE.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Let the Christmas Book Begin

We were all a buzz here on Tuesday, July 14th. Kat brought the paper bags, everyone brought something to share and we all dug in and sorted out paper and pieces to start our Christmas Paper Bag book.

I think we all got a good jump on the book and will come back in September to complete. I know I have heard from a few that they are busy working on their books at home enjoying the vintage christmas look.

2 new artists came to play. Welcome June and Chris.

Here's some pics to give you the flavor.

I mentioned people brought different things to share: Kat the bags, Bet lovely vintage magazines and more, Sally scads of paper and a CD of vintage empherma, Elena paper and acetates, Maryam planned ahead and left us a box of lovelies, If I missed you sorry, if you didn't bring anything don't'll get your turn :} Jane made a little kit for each of us to make a Christmas ornament maybe to place in or on the book. Very cute....thanks Jane.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Christmas in July!

Next Art Meetup

Tuesday, July 14th

We will be starting our Christmas Paperbag book at our July meetup.

We have a basket full of Vintage and Vintage looking items for us to begin to assemble our book. Kat is bringing the bags and some of you have already contributed to the "basket of goodies".

Some have asked "what can I bring" or "I can't find anything vintage". I completely understand and I say "just come and have fun getting started."

We will finish up the Christmas paperbag book in September. This will give you time to find other things to add and share. You will take home 3 CD's of Vintage Clipart to print out for your book. I am sure we will be inspired and think of lots of things we can do after we get together in July.

I hope you can make it. I know that Melanie and Maryam cannot attend but I'll be assembling two additional books for them (with your help) so they won't fall behind.

We're also lucky because Elena will be bringing her Canon Photo Printer and the great photo paper to demo the printer for us. After you see it in action, you'll want one! I did! I ordered mine and it's on it's way.

To see pictures of the Christmas Paperbag book check out below on the post from Thursday, May 21, 2009.

ALSO, if you exchanged a magazine or book at last meetup, bring'um back and maybe bring some others to exchange. Anyone that has art books or Magazines they would like to exchange with others bring THEM!!!

See you next Tuesday, Happy Holidays!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Next Art Meetup

July 14, 10 am

We're starting our Christmas paper bag book. Think retro when you're out never know what you'll find :}

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Paper Dolls Were Made and Played!

We had our art meetup yesterday and such fun we had. We had scissors flying and glue a dripping. We were messy but in the end came up with Wonderful paper dolls of our own design. Take a look!

I apologize that the pictures are not clearer. I swear next meetup I will have my photo box out and a tripod for good pics. These are so wonderful in person but for now you will just have to admire the creativity it took to come up with these little dollies.

This little Dolly Dingle Dolly was done by Bet before the meetup. She is oh so cute with a little ball fringe on the bottom of her skirt. Notice her skirt IS a cupcake with fluffy marshmellows. Love her!

This little angel dolly was made my Maryam and she took clipart from Retro Cafe Art of the german head doll and put it on a base. Wrapped a fan around the bottom as a skirt and embellished. She took a transparency and stamped with black paint wings for her. GORGEOUS huh?

Okay so Elena breezes in LATE, checks out what's happening and bing, bang, boom her little girlie is done and quite chesty I might add. tee hee

Retro Bet! This has a REAL picture of Bet from the 70's and she decided she should be dressed accordingly. I wish you could see the detail. She put a gold chain around her neck and earrings. Cool huh?

Sally pulled different parts of her dolly from magazines and assembled her swiftly. I love the veggies on her head and her shoes are to die for :}

This paper doll was influenced by a Mother's Love. Kat took a photo of her beautiful daughter and used it for her paper doll. I bet her daughter will be smiling ear to ear when she gets this little dolly! Love her!

This is my kitty paper doll. I'm going to send it to my friend in Iowa that has a house full of kitties and loves Cats!!!

In the evening I decided to make one more dolly out of a digital collage sheet I had purchase last week from (again) Retro Cafe Art. When I saw it for sale on her site I just knew she needed to be a paper doll. The body was there, I just made legs and covered them from bits and pieces from the same collage sheet. I punched holes in the feet to tie a ribbon for her little shoes and cut out her arms and after gluing to a harder surface, reattached with little brads so they move. She's a little pixie to me :}

Everyone have a wonderful creativity day!!