Thursday, February 25, 2010

April Art Meetup

Hello Ladies:

Tuesday, April 13th at 10am we will be gathering to work on altering a book. This should be fun because you can use all kinds of media when you alter a book.

If you don't feel this is the project for you, come away and make something from my stash!

What to bring:

A BOOK, this can be a kids book or a novel. I have shown examples of what I am using below. In my case, I wanted to make a book about my family so I picked the book ROOTS so I could use the printing as part of my book.

Your book can be about SOMETHING personal or just a book to alter and play with different techniques. You can paint, collage, sew, journal and mored!

Please note: slicker pages are not recommended for altering. You can get a hard bound book at 99 cent store, Big Lots $2 or thrift store OR Elena has offered a Readers Digest book for those that can't figure out how or where to get a book. If you want her to bring one for you, email me.

EXACTO KNIFE or BOX CUTTER - If you wish to cut a niche in your book, this is something you will need to bring.

Here's some examples of my book just as an idea of what we will be doing.

It will be fun, if you have any questions, email me. Can't wait :}