Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Christmas in July!

Next Art Meetup

Tuesday, July 14th

We will be starting our Christmas Paperbag book at our July meetup.

We have a basket full of Vintage and Vintage looking items for us to begin to assemble our book. Kat is bringing the bags and some of you have already contributed to the "basket of goodies".

Some have asked "what can I bring" or "I can't find anything vintage". I completely understand and I say "just come and have fun getting started."

We will finish up the Christmas paperbag book in September. This will give you time to find other things to add and share. You will take home 3 CD's of Vintage Clipart to print out for your book. I am sure we will be inspired and think of lots of things we can do after we get together in July.

I hope you can make it. I know that Melanie and Maryam cannot attend but I'll be assembling two additional books for them (with your help) so they won't fall behind.

We're also lucky because Elena will be bringing her Canon Photo Printer and the great photo paper to demo the printer for us. After you see it in action, you'll want one! I did! I ordered mine and it's on it's way.

To see pictures of the Christmas Paperbag book check out below on the post from Thursday, May 21, 2009.

ALSO, if you exchanged a magazine or book at last meetup, bring'um back and maybe bring some others to exchange. Anyone that has art books or Magazines they would like to exchange with others bring THEM!!!

See you next Tuesday, Happy Holidays!


  1. Can't wait Jackie. Love your Christmas banner!