Thursday, August 13, 2009

What We Did at the August Meetup

We came together and wow'ed ourselves with our shrine creations. Everyone is so creative and comes up with something so fun.

My friend, June wasn't sure she would be able to make a box but came up with the idea of a "Money Box" kinda like a wish box to bring wealth and happiness into your life. She did a great job.

No one should be afraid to explore altering because each of us have a view of what we consider art and we can all be creative..............none of us should be afraid to create.

Bet brought her "Demented Cat". She was inspired by another piece of art she found on the net and darn if she didn't make her own little Demented toy.....darling.....I think Michael DeMeng would be proud :}

She proceeded to make her little Christmas shrine and put a music box turn key player in it.....soooo great.

Wish I could take better pics but you get the idea.........go forth and CREATE.


  1. Hi Jackie
    Here's my email for future meet-ups.
    Chris Chapman

  2. That was a fun day! I miss our meet-ups and can't wait for them to start again!