Thursday, May 21, 2009

The HUNT is on for Christmas Empherma!!!

I announced at our May Art Meetup that we will be having Christmas in July at the July Art Meetup (Tuesday, July 14th) and will begin to put together our Vintage Christmas Paperbag Book.

To pull this off and make a FABULOUS book I'm asking that everyone be on the lookout for vintage christmas embellishments, recipes, postcards, greeting cards, vintage wrapping paper, candy molds, bells, old holiday issues of magazines, holiday napkins, coasters, don't discount old boxes that housed christmas toys, ornaments, etc. Lots of us probably have some of these things at home. Ask your friends, parents. In July we'll come together and share all our empherma and start to get the feel for our books.

We'll fold and bind our book and start our design process. Then we'll take it home and work on it for a month or so when we have time. At the September art meetup we'll finish up our books.

This book can be a great present for someone or yourself. It could be a photo album for vintage christmas pictures, a journal or even a recipe book.

Here are some pictures of the Bag book that is our inspiration. Click on the pictures to get a good view of the pages.

I am leaving a month between starting and finishing the book to give us time to reflect on the book a little more and maybe even gather more items after we get our focus. But, I'm open to a change in schedule depending on what everyone wants...just let me know. There are no lesson plans here :}

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  1. jIt looks fabulous in person. I have tons of stuff in boxes just labeled Christmas. But, I don't have any real vintage stuff. I'll bring it all. Have tons of Christmas Cards and I might have some cookie cutters.

    Don't we get to play in August? Wahhhhhhh.