Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Art Meetup Day FINALLY

I was so anxious to share my new studio with my friends. I impressed myself with how much I had accomplished as I looked around the room. Whew! so much STUFF and truth be told, probably not half of what I have STUFFED away--a bag lady in the making :}

I opened my studio with the thought USE WHATEVER YOU WANT but as I saw some of my "treasures" being used in my friend's art I had that sinking feeling of "oh no, what am I going to do without that?" I resisted the urge to snatch it back and say "no, don't use that!" I like the idea of letting go of "things" and sending "little pieces of art" out into the world to brighten all our lives. So glad I did as I feel lighter and happier :}

The dresser was set with goodies and champagne glasses and tea with my grandmother's tea cups and saucers. Melanie baked little Madeleines for my special occasion. Need some baked goods for your event, check out Mel's blog

Lemonade, Champagne, donuts (thanks Maryam).

Jane, as usual, did not disappoint as she used her artist talents to make switchplate art of ancestors for her daugther. The techniques she uses is paint and pencil and more. Check out some of her art at her blog. Art Takes A Village.

Elena and Maryam mugging for the camera.

This is Bets piece of art. It's hard to tell from the picture but she made this a 5 X 7 cover. Great idea huh. She took it home and worked more on it.

She sent me finished picture of her creation....taa daa it turned out beautiful. You can read more about her finished piece on her blog.

Silly Sally made the 5 x 7 rendition of ladies tea time. She's still working on hers and hopefully she'll share when it totally done. It looked pretty darn good to me when she left but as artists we all want to add "just a little more :}"

UPDATE: Sally finished her little piece of art and email me a picture. Here it cute!

and...........she decided to do another. We all need a little bird and flowers in our home.

Maryam, although, she didn't know if she would have time gave it a go and finished a beautiful piece of art. She chose to cover the hole for the light switch and ended up with a little piece of art she can place anywhere. Like I say "anything can be your canvas". Isn't it lovely? Check out Maryam's blog as she does amazing work at the Cancer Coping Center.

Kat made this amazing little piece of art. Again, she chose to cover the hole for the light switch to make a great pallete for her art. I'm really sorry I didn't get a closer view of this canvas. Truly a piece of art!

Snack attack! Thanks Maryam!

One thing we girls can do when we get together is have fun and TALK and's so much fun.

Melanie made this cute piece of art. "Where does the time go?" So true, where does it go? All I know is it goes fast so enjoy every minute with friends and family.

Of course, our little princess, Elena used style and grace as her inspiration and it came out so cute. Do check out her website about all her charity events. Scrapbook Royalty.

Dawn made this cute and artistic switch plate "Spunky" She added a little "C" for her son, Connor. Love it!

We missed you Georgia, Bonnie, Matina and Gloria. I have a switchplate with your name on it anytime you want to come and create.

Well I don't know about you but I'm inspired to go and make somemore switch plate art!
Have a wonderful and artful day.........hugs to all my friends.


  1. Jackie, I had the best time and I love my little work of art. It's already hanging in my craft room. Thank you so much for your incredible generosity and wonderful hospitality. It truly was a blast. I can't wait to do it again.

  2. Jackie,
    I had such a great time at your little daytime soiree' with all the gals, creating such fun pieces of art!

    Giving up parts of your treasure trove for us to use in our art was so generous of you. You are awesome!

    I am so looking forward to May's Meet Up for more good times, fun and laughter, and another day of creating art!

    xoxox Bet
    P.S. I posted an article about our day on my blog,

  3. that was so fun! I am so glad you got this going again!

  4. LOVE all of the switch plates and now I want to make one too! I saw Sally's on her blog which led me to yours. I would love to be part of your Art Meet Up Group. Please email me at:

    ~Nina in San Diego~