Sunday, April 5, 2009

Art Meetup for Tuesday, April 21 at 10:00am

I’ve been working hard to get my “studio” ready and although it’s not fully functional and may never be :} I am ready to open the doors to my friends and have Art Meetup Day. It is important to gather and be inspired. I hope you can attend. Come, play and bring a friend!


A switch plate that has been modified with material and flowers. So Chic!

At April’s Art Meetup we are going to re-purpose some our everyday common old switch light plates into a pretty, artsy switch plate for your home. You can create a switch plate that reflects your personal style by painting, collaging, bejeweling, glittering, etc.

I am supplying a one switch light switch plate as shown in the pictures. If you want a different configuration, pull one off your wall or head on over to Home Depot. Otherwise, I have plenty of collage material, paint, jewels, paper and more so don’t worry about bringing those kinds of things.

A little Modge Podge and some vintage looking paper---new look for an old switch plate.

Buttons and Beads, I love playing with buttons!

It will be wonderful to have you all in my home again and we’ll be celebrating the “Opening” of my new studio with surprises and goodies.

Please email me and let me know if you can attend. Can’t wait to create with you!


  1. jackie, I am so there I cant wait to see you...Gloria

  2. Jackie, I forgot to comment! I did send you an email and you know I'll be there with bells on!
    Looking forward to seeing your remodel and the new studio! See you on the 21st!

  3. Jackie, I would love to attend. I'm looking forward to it. Kat

  4. Hi Jackie,

    Can't wait to see you...oh, and the remodel too. I have been having some health issues---and don't ask cuz the list is boring---short of crawling I will be there.

    Read your other suggestions on the "side". I think they sound great. Such a wonderful group of artists can certainly sit and share and have fun without a cost. I understand there may be exceptions...but for you to open your home is above and beyond. I look at my angel every day (she stares down at me) and say a little prayer for you...xo georgia

  5. Looking forward to seeing you again and "playing at your house" with all our friends. "Be there or be square. . ."