Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year, New Art?

Happy New Year My Dear Friends,
It’s time to put away the Holiday decorations and grab a paint brush or gel medium, etc. and help Jackie finish up her art studio.

The studio still needs a few finishing touches but probably always will. One thing I noticed is it’s lack of art by my friends.

So, I am asking you to come over on Tuesday, January 12 around 10ish and pick your pallet and leave me a piece of you in your art. I have walls; I have inside cabinet doors, bottoms of folding chairs, secret hiding places begging for your art.

Don’t bring a thing, use all my STUFF. Come and play and check out what our February Art Meet up project will be.

Let me know you'll be there! Email me


  1. Hi Jack...I'm back! Yesterday, actually!

    Happy New Year! Full of lots of great crafts and surprises I'm sure! The party sounds like fun...I've been itching to get into a project and this sounds like the perfect kickoff.

    Count me in... and I'm looking forward to February's project reveal.
    Hugs, Bet