Tuesday, January 12, 2010

January Art Meetup

Okay, so I really said we wouldn't start art meetups til February but thought I would invite friends over for some advice to finish up decorating and furniture placement of new studio.

Unfortunately things happen but, hey that is life and we can't be everywhere all the time.

Feel no guilt, Art Meetup is NOT a JOB it is a way to get together and share with friends WHEN IT WORKS FOR YOU.

Kat and June came over and even my friend Bonnie M. came by to check out the room.

Hey it only takes one or two and we are creating!

June, a little new to altering wanted to make a birthday card for her friend Helen so she grabbed some stuff and went to it. Kat and I "offered" suggestions and she was off and running. "What? you want me to rip the paper?" What? You want to put ink on the edges?" I guess it used to seem silly but now it's like a way of life. ha ha

Here's her card (plaque) for her friend Helen. I think she has potential to be a BIG paper ripper and see more good creations from Junie in the future. What do you think? (double click on picture to see closeup)

Kat made a artsy card in remembrance of Marilyn Monroe being inspired from some Marilyn playing cards I had. It turned out fabulous, darling don't you think so?

February Art Meetup will be a another chance for us to all get together and CREATE! Yay! Since Maryam is pregnant and having some issues with smells, I thought we might want to work with our hands to create but leave the gel, paint and fumes behind.

We're going to create these fun button flowers. I know each one of you will add your own twist to them and come up with wonderful bouquets. Just think how cute these would be on ATC cards, scrapbook pages, altered art.

February Art Meetup is Tuesday, February 9th 10am. I'll be sending out a reminder when the time nears.


  1. I am sad to have missed today. I love that Art meet up is not a job.

    June is getting super crafty! and Everything Kat touches is awesome!

    can't wait for next month. hugs!

  2. I am having the week from HELL for many reasons. Yesterday I am so glad I called you to tell you I couldn't come since I was with the Security Alarm system from my daughter, Kari. I need to get away from theses FIVE computers. . . I wanted to draw/paint on your wall. Did the girls do that?
    I'm putting the next art meet up in blood on my forehead - "Be there or Be Square". Thanks Jackie for all you do for us.
    xoxo Silly Sal

  3. Oh no. I wrote the above email and then went to put it in my google calendar and I have Jury Duty that day which is the 3rd time I have postponed it. Nooooooooooo.

  4. Jackie,

    What a generous soul you are. the buttons look super cute. I had no idea Maryam was pg. I'm glad for her. Looking forward to seeing you soon. xo geo