Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Paper Doll Art Meetup BE THERE!!!

Next Art Meetup, Tuesday, June 9th we'll be making paper dolls. Check these dollies out. Bet got these dollies in a paper doll swap. Hers are the black and white twin witch types (a pair)in the second picture and the little flower dollie (in the third picture), she is hinged and folds in the middle.

This should get your creative juices flowing. We'll start with a plain piece of chipboard and collage, paint, whatever your heart desires. If you want to personalize your paper doll, bring pictures of yourself or family.

Have a fun dolly day!

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  1. Hey Jackie - down the road - how about Jane's felt ring she made for the art trades? I went to the blog and saw the directions. They are darling. Can't wait to see the trades you got tomorrow at your home.